Chapter 2: Creating Project

Charles Brant

How To Create Godot Project And Name Your Game

Hi, in this chapter you will learn how to make a new project in Godot.

Step 1: Launch Godot

Last time we downloaded Godot and have put it in our desktop. Launch it.

Step 2: Create Godot Folder

Click the “New Project” button:

Now press “Browse”:

Make sure you are in Documents. Usually every of your projects saves itself in Documents which is quite messy. That’s why it’s better to create main folder that will contain all of our Godot projects. Click “Create folder”:

Now write “Godot” and confirm:

Confirm again:

Step 3: Name Your Game Greatly

There are few reasons why project name matters:

  • In most game engines project name is equal to the name of the game that you will make and compile, and often cannot be changed later.
  • Name should be related to the game.
  • Great name will help you interest players.

This post is generic lesson and I will include it in many of my Godot tutorials. If you are reading this in 2D Top Down RPG Tutorial then I went with the name “Falcon Knights” because I like the feels it gives and also because its related to the game. Think about your own unique and special game name:

That’s it. Another chapter done!

Chapter 1: Getting Godot


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